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  I’m very。 glad to make a speech here. Tod。ay my topic is “I love you, China.”
  Since the day I was born, I began to hav。e a proud name—Chinese. Since the day I began to。 t。alk, the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever learnt has been “I lo。ve you, C。hina!”
  I love you, Chi。n。a, and I’m so proud of being a Chinese. I’m proud tha。t I’ve g。ot the。 beautiful yell。ow skin, b。lack eyes and blac。k hair. I’m also pr。oud that I speak the most beautiful language in。 the worl。d—Chinese.
  I love y。ou, China, for I can feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute. Last year, I got an opportunity to visit the。 United States of America. During my staying there, my father’s boss once invited my family to dinner. While at ,。 he looked at me and ask。ed: “Little boy, how long have you been in America?” “About a month,” I answered, “。How lucky you are!” he said, “If you were living in China,。 how could you l。earn such perfect English?” I smiled and told him proudly that all the student。s in China are able to learn English at school. I saw his surprised eyes and said。 to my。self, “I’m proud of you, China ”.
  Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’m A。ngela Zh。ang from Class 4 Grade 8. Today, my topic is, “The Shanghai World Expo”.
  First, I’ll say something ab。out World Expo。 Histor。y. As。 we know,。 the very first World Expo, the Great Exhibition of 1851, took place in the Crystal Palace in London. UK.。 Ever since the。n, the goals of World Expos have been both high-minded as well as commercial。. Visitors are able to explore the world outside of their everyday experience—outside cultures,。 n。ew scientific advancements, an。d new inventions. Worl。d Expos have。 excited and inspire。d more and more。 people in the world.
  On December3, 2002, the Bu。reau of International Expositions (or cal。l it BIE) annou。nced that Shanghai will host Expo2010. the BIE had received bids from five cities to host Expo201。0. Among the 5 nice cities, the BIE chose Shanghai at las。t! It’s really an exciting news for not only Sha。nghainese, but also all of Chinese people. Here are s。ome de。tails about it.
  Look at this profile carefully. The title is “The 2010 World Expo。sition ,Shanghai, China ”。 this is the logo.
  And the theme is “better city., better life”.OK, let。’s guess who is the image representative。? Yea。h, you’re right, Yao Ming!
  Shanghai Expo is the first comprehensive World。 Expo held in a developing。 countr。y. And it is also the f。irst one that takes “the city” as its theme, hoping that it can push forwa。rd the city development and help bring a。bout a bette。r urban l。iving environment, j。u。st like the。 theme: better city, better li。fe.
  I think, as a student in Shanghai, we should learn to be a gentle person and keep goo。d manners from now。 on. And try to practice English more in order to communicate with foreigners fluently i。n th。e near future. Because, we’。re a part of Shanghai!
  Ladies and gentlemen, teachers, my fellow students:
  I am very excited and feel it's a gr。eat honor to stand here to deliver my speec。h. what i'm going to talk about is "choice in my life"
  I can still remember the first time i failed in a singing contest. i immediately ran to my grandma, sheddin。g lots of tears of cours。e! i cried loudly and could hardly utter a word!
  Th。en, badly needed comforting words and t。ouch came f。rom grandma. i gradua。ll。y regained my sense of pride and a。 sensible control of my feelings. yet, head down, i said: "grandma, i have no choic。e, and i have to give up, right?" "look at me,。 my dear!"she said gently. i looked up, straight into her ey。e。s. what i saw was a shinin。g, s。weet, and lovi。ng stream from the b。ottom of her heart!。 then, there came the gentle voice of hers: "no, no, no…" he。r head shaking, while eyes smiling. "why don't you give more attention to the details?" she cont。inued.
  No other words were needed any more! i started practicing and rehearsing once again, pay。ing special attention to those little things that i used to ignore. as。 a consequen。ce, my overa。ll performance was quic。kly elev。ated to a new hig。h! without much trouble,。 in another singing contest held month。s later, i won!
  What do i learn from this experience? never give up lightly! life。's full of opportunities, an。d lots of them! to realize your dreams and fulfill your potential, you must learn to work hard and smart and steer your lifeboat wisely!。 as a li ling's sportswear commercial goes "everything is po。ssible!"。 bu。t not without。 sweat, devotion, and tears sometimes!
  life is a long journey, during which we are surely going to face many challenges, experience lots of failures, and equally, many opportunities are waving t。o us, while sweet rewards are waiting fo。r us! to tr。ansform these opportunities into fruitful re。sults, or turn those challenges and failures into valuable assets, we must learn to seize the good ones and not to retreat lightly in front of。 difficu。lties.
  Winners can never be quitters!
  Thank you all!
  G。o。od afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, Toda。y I’m going to talk about sandstorm.
  Sandstorm is a kind of bad we。ather witch is becoming increasingly common in Northwestern China, and it usually happens in spring and fall. Though I’m only 13, I have experienced it and suffered from it quite a lot.
  I’m sure most people still remember the sandstor。m that happened last m。onth. It swept across the large area of 11 province。s and caused a great lo。ss to our nation.
  As you can see on TV, when a sandstorm comes, the wind blows strongly with du。st and sand. Sometimes trees are even broken down in half, and little birds cannot fi。nd their homes. Sometimes cloud。s of dust blur the v。ision。, and litt。le kids cannot find th。eir ways. It’s like the end of the。 world.  
  When a san。dstorm occurs, our classroom is filled with dust and sand。. My poor teachers!。 (www。.www.xxxxx.xxx)They’ve b。reathed in。 enough chalk-powder. Now, they have to take in much。 dust. My poor fellow c。lassmates! They told me they。 were almost dyin。g.
  We love beautiful spring. We cherish brig。ht sunshine. But sandstorms destroy all the lovely things. Yet we know it is Mother Nature’s revenge on what we have done to her. In order to see blue sky and sunny sprin。g again, we sh。ould plant mor。e trees and more grass to protect the env。ironment. And it is not too late if we start right n。o。w.
  Tho。ugh it’s a hard job to fight against the sand。sto。rm, it is the battle we must fight, and it。 is a bat。tle we must wi。n!
  Thank you。!

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